Over the past years, Epiphany Capital has raised over £65m for clients around Europe in seed and Series A deals, with a small, dedicated team with deep industry expertise.

2017 E Fundamentals uk Growth Round Technology Deep Analytics for Brands
2017 OTTY uk Series A Round Ecommerce Online Sleep Retailer
2017 MIOTIFY uk Seed Round Technology Medical IOT Regtech Platform
2017 OTTY uk Seed Plus Round Ecommerce Online Sleep Retailer
2017 Push Doctor uk Series B Round Healthtech Online Health Service
2017 Thriva uk Seed Round Healthtech Blood Test as a Service
2017 Athletec uk Seed Round Technology Sports IoT
2017 MotorwayBuddy uk MBO Technology SaaS for Haulage
2016 Dwell uk Seed Round Technology Online Mortgages
2016 DueCourse uk Seed Round Technology Online Invoice Finance
2016 Instrumentel uk Growth Round Technology IoT/Advanced Manufacturing
2015 PushDoctor uk Series A Technology On-Demand GP Platform
2015 SuperCarers uk Seed Round Technology Home Care Marketplace
2015 Faceshift Swiss Flag Advisory (Pre-Acquisition) Technology 3D Facial Recognition
2015 Digital Bridge uk Seed Extension Technology Retail Imaging
2014 PropertyMoose uk Venture Round Technology Crowdfunding Platform
2014 PushDR uk Venture Round Technology On-Demand GP Platform
2014 Nerudia uk Strategic Round Life Sciences High Purity Nicotine
2014 Brainomix uk Venture Round Life Sciences Digital Stroke Diagnosis
2014 Bionure Pre-clinical round Life Sciences Drug development
2014 Digital Bridge uk Seed Round Technology Augmented reality
2014 Videregen uk Series A: £1.3m Life Sciences Regenerative medicine
2013 Glycomar uk Series A: £1m Life Sciences Inflammation therapeutics
2013 Power OLEDs uk Founding Round Technology OLED materials development
2013 PlayJam uk Series A Extension Technology Connected TV gaming
2013 MotorwayBuddy uk Seed Round Technology Mobile payments for haulage
2013 Incanthera uk Series A Life Sciences Cancer therapeutics
2013 Cerus Endovascular uk Series A: £2m Life Sciences Neurological medical devices
2012 Molplex uk Seed Round Life Sciences Computational drug discovery
2012 Cable Sense uk Series A: £850k Technology Server efficiency solution
2012 CN Creative uk Growth Round: £2m Life Sciences Nicotine replacement
2011 Incanthera uk Seed Round Life Sciences Cancer therapeutics
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